I’d also like to have a localhost site for general use/testing stuff out and have the ability to add further wordpress site slow sites as required. First, we’ll take a look at some of the best plugin options out there. There are sub directories for sites 1 & 2 each with a test page of their own.

  • Optimize Your Blog Posts
  • Unlimited file transfer
  • Add Some Custom CSS
  • Meal template

Visual Composer page builder. Duplicate content occurs when substantial blocks of the same copy is being used on more than 1 page throughout the website. The sitemap lays out a structure of your website or blog so that Google can follow through all the links. After completing the second part of the post where they set out how to configure for multiple sites (and making the obvious changes for my specific setup re site names etc) I get 403 Forbidden responses when I browse to site.domain/wordpress instead of the 5 minute install. HOST.localhost/wordpress and I got the 5 minute install page but didn’t go through with it in case it made it harder to complete the multiple site aspect somehow.

The Ultimate Blogging Theme gives you an extremely easy option to install any HTML coding at any place of the theme page. Downloading of these files will then be followed by unzipping and then uploading them on the theme folder of the server. If you are one of the minimalist design lovers, Blog Way Plus is the perfect theme on your way.

The only result I found that looked anything like what I am trying to do is this one. I have just started two sites on shared hosting, one for business and a personal blog. I’d like to develop the sites on my workstation and then upload to the live site preferably under version control too. I’m running Fedora 30 workstation as my OS. However, the author is running WAMP on Windows. As the first part of that deals with setting up virtual hosts on WAMP I obviously ignored all of that as I’ve done all that manually as described above.